Terms and Conditions


• Helga’s Pet Resort make every effort to keep your pet/s healthy, safe and content during their stay.
• We work diligently to provide a secure, healthy and safe environment and to minimise risk.
In this agreement, the pet/s owner will be referred to as the Pet Parent, and Helga’s Pet Resort Pty Ltd will be referred to as HPR.

By leaving pet/s with HPR, the Pet Parent certifies the accuracy of all information provided and acknowledges agreement to the T&C’s which will create a lien over the pet/s.

PAYMENTS – all bookings must be paid for within 3 days of booking. Contact Helga’s Pet Resort if there is a problem with your payment.

– Christmas cancellations: 2 days non-refundable with at least 1 month notice; 50% non-refundable with at least 2 weeks notice, no refunds with less than 2 weeks notice from arrival date.
– Easter & School holidays: 2 days non-refundable with at least 48 hours notice.
– Other times: $50 non-refundable with at least 24 hours notice.
– No refunds for early return, shortened bookings
– Variations to animal type or quantity can only be accommodated if a suitable room is available.

1. The Pet Parent agrees to fees and charges as invoiced.
2. The Pet Parent agrees to pay all costs and charges within 3 days of booking invoice date. Any additional charges incurred must be paid before pet/s leave HPR.
3. All boarding rates are invoiced by the calendar day. If pet/s are collected before 10am on the last day, excluding Sunday, there is no charge for the day. If pet/s are collected during PM open time, the day is charged.
4. Out of hours actions are at the discretion of HPR and MUST be pre-arranged. A $75 fee may be applicable.
5. The Pet Parent agrees to pay all costs and charges for special services requested.
6. If HPR is not notified of a change to collection date and the account is 7 days overdue, HPR will surrender the pet/s to the local council or rehoming organisation. The Pet Parent will be liable for any outstanding charges.

Personal belongings are left at the Pet Parent’s risk: HPR, or any of its employees, will not be held responsible for items lost, damaged, destroyed or left behind on these premises such as toys, bedding, collars, etc.

1. The Pet Parent has provided evidence of current and up-to-date vaccination details for the duration of the stay.
2. The Pet Parent has provided all relevant medical details, and clearly labelled medications and supplements.
3. HPR has been informed of all existing injuries, medical conditions and behaviour traits.
4. The Pet Parent guarantees that pets have been wormed for intestinal and heartworm where applicable and are up to date with flea/tick treatment.

Where the Pet Parent provides a special diet, all meals are individually packaged and clearly labelled.

1. The Pet Parent accepts responsibility for veterinary costs if a pet is injured; in the kennel, cattery or cage, during playtime, or in the small dog social environment. Payment must be made to the Veterinary Surgery and/or to Helga’s Pet Resort prior to collection.
2. Pets that appear to have been mistreated prior to arrival, those that attack or injure another pet or a staff member, may be referred to NT Animal Welfare.

SOCIAL PLAY – only available for SMALL dogs (at the discretion of HPR):
* Social play may not be appropriate for all small breeds or entire male dogs. If your dog is not suitable for social play, you should consider an individual Courtyard Kennel where they have more space and freedom of movement.
1. The Pet Parent understands that social play is monitored and dogs are assessed daily for sociability and compatibility.
2. Dogs that show aggression may be moved to a Courtyard kennel or given separate playtimes, but any dog may become aggressive to other dogs without warning.
3. The Pet Parent accepts that injuries can occur during social play. Veterinary care will be obtained as required, the Pet Parent notified and accepts responsibility for payment.
4. If your dog injures another dog, you agree to accept responsibility for Vet and associated costs.

If you are leaving TWO OR MORE PETS:
1. We monitor behaviour in and out of the kennel but cats, dogs or other pets may injure each other when confined together in an unfamiliar environment.
2. The Pet Parent MUST inform HPR of any potential issues with animals boarding; e.g. separate for food, do not allow combined playtime if boarding in separate rooms, etc.

There are many endearing moments that we love to share, with photos that may include your pet/s. If you do not wish your pet to be included in photos, PLEASE INFORM RECEPTION on arrival.