Snakes, Bearded Dragons, etc.

Room Features:

paw.png Your reptiles will be kept in a sheltered non-air conditioned setting.

paw.png You are welcome to provide your own tank if you wish. We have both small and large tanks available if required.

paw.png Our tanks have light bars, hot rock/heat mats, and hygienic bedding.

Holiday Care:

paw.png Social: Please inform our staff of how well socialized your snake or reptile is so that we can provide appropriate care.

paw.png Safe: Safety and security of your pet is a prime concern for us.

paw.png Food: Please bring the same food that you feed your pet at home with feeding instructions so that we can keep your pet in top condition during it’s stay.Please inform us of any special health or dietary requirements.

paw.png Personalized: Each pet is treated individually with its own needs and handling instructions.

Vet Requirements:

paw.png Permits: Please provide a copy of any permit to own prior to boarding.

paw.png Vet Care: It will be helpful for monitoring your pet’s health if you inform us of any health issues or vet care you pet has received recently.