Small Furry Pets

Guinea Pigs, Mice, Rats, etc.

Air conditioned & secure small pets area

Small Furry pets receive excellent care in our air conditioned, secure small pets area.

What to bring:
  • Cages: You are welcome to bring your own cage or small hutch from home or use one of our small pet enclosures or cages for a small hire fee.
  • Cage Size: The hutch or cage should fit on a table or counter. Maximum recommended size about 600 mm deep, 900 mm high, 1m long.
  • Food and Bedding: To keep your pet healthy and content, we encourage you to bring the normal bedding and food that you use at home. If you bring fresh fruit or vegetables, we will supplement with the same varieties once it runs out.
The Holiday Experience:
  • Personalized Care: If your pet loves interaction, our staff will spend some time interacting with it while doing their daily clean and feed. If we are able to interact with the animal it makes it much easier to monitor the health of the pet which is monitored continually.
  • Safe: Your small pet will be housed in a secure air conditioned room with other small pets and birds.
Vet Requirements:
  • Vaccinations are not required for small pets. If your pet has special veterinary requirements please inform us at time of booking.
  • It should be noted that Ferrets are not permitted in the Northern Territory.