Rabbit Care

Walk in, air conditioned rooms with or without outdoor access

Room Features:
  • We have walk in, air conditioned rooms.
  • Or you can provide your own hutch as long as it fits onto a table or counter. Preferably no longer than 1.2m.
  • We can also provide a countertop pen suitable to house your bunny in our small pet room.
The Holiday Experience:
  • Social: Your rabbit will receive personal attention during its clean and feed time each day.
  • Safe: All of our rabbit boarding areas are secure and monitored.
  • Pampered: Depending on the sociability of your rabbit it may wish to be handled and played with or left alone. Our staff will treat your pet accordingly.
  • Personalized: Our handling and monitoring of your pet is to assist in supporting you with the sociability of your rabbit. Their health and physical well being is monitored daily.

We ask you to bring the food, bedding and litter that you normally use at home to help maintain the diet and health of your rabbit. If you bring fresh fruit or vegetables we will supplement with the same when it runs out.

Vet Requirements:

You are permitted to own rabbits in the Northern Territory. There are no vaccination requirements for rabbits.