Larger Dogs


‘Kennels with Runs’ for Large or Small Dogs

If you have one, two or more dogs and would like individual or shared kennels, we currently have two options. Our Traditional Shaded Kennels and our Air Conditioned and Roofed Garden Kennels.

Vet Requirements:

paw.png All dogs must have as a minimum a current C5 vaccination and be tick/flea free on entry.


paw.png Morning feed. Fresh Whole buffalo mince with rice and cooked vegies. For dry biscuit we use premium grain free ‘Meals for Mutts, Duck and Turkey’.

Each evening dogs are provided with a handful of ‘Cobber Working Dog’ biscuit as a treat.

We have found from experience that most dogs like this diet and rarely have any digestive reaction to the change in diet from home.

paw.png BYO Food. If your dog has special nutritional requirements, you are welcome to provide your own food. There is no extra charge for this service, but please package each meal separately and label clearly.

Large Dog Kennels

Courtyard Kennels:

Climate controlled /acoustically insulated

Each kennel has an Air Conditioned bedroom with a Roofed and Insulated outdoor run.

  • These kennels are and acoustically engineered and climate controlled to
    • be cool and comfortable in our tropical climate
    • remain dry in wet weather
    • structurally engineered cyclonic standards
    • minimize noise

paw.png The Bedroom: 24hr access. Private, Insulated & Air-Conditioned with fresh air supply. Each room has calming music to block outside noise and help the dogs sleep at night. Each Single/Double occupancy bedroom is 2m x 2.4m and our Family kennel bedroom is 2.4 x 3.6m

paw.png Outdoor Runs: Each kennel has a roofed and insulated outdoor run open to a grassed and planted bamboo garden designed to add coolness from out tropical greenery on hot and humid days. Each outdoor run has low, but solid barriers with fine mesh above between the kennels for your dog’s comfort and safety. Each includes a day bed and shell pool to cool down on hot days. Single/Double Kennel Runs are 2m x 6m and the Family Kennel Run is 3.6m x 6m.

paw.png Occupancy: Each Garden Kennel is suitable for Single, Double or Family occupancy. The Family kennel is suitable for up to 3 large dogs. More than 3 large dogs will generally require an additional room.

paw.png Exercise yards: All dogs receive a daily exercise period in our large park-like play yards. We have small cosy play yards for small and timid dogs and large grounds for dogs who need to run or explore.

    • vegetation

paw.png Social: Our traditional kennels designed to be Social with open weldmesh between kennels to allow socializing between dogs.

paw.png Noise: These kennels are not suitable for noisy dogs! We work hard to respect our neighbours’ peace and quiet. If your dog is a persistent barker, they must be booked into our Courtyard kennels, which are acoustically insulated. Remember, just like kids, dogs often behave differently away from home.

paw.png Safe: Open Weldmesh on all sides with  shadecloth covered wire mesh roofing and cane toad barriers in place on all external walls and gates fencing.

paw.png Occupancy: Suitable for single or double occupancy. Most suitable for dogs that normally live outdoors and are quiet in nature.

paw.png Bedrooms: Not air conditioned 1.8 x 1.5m and suitable for up to two large dogs. Open to outdoor runs 24/7.

paw.png Outdoor Run: Surrounded by trees and hedges providing plenty of cooling breezed and shade. Each run includes a day bed and shell pool to enjoy on those hot days.

Parklike Exercise yards:

paw.png All dogs receive a daily exercise period in one of our park like play yards. We have small cosy play yards for small and timid dogs and large grounds for dogs who need to run or explore.