Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Clean, comfortable and a relaxing place

Our cat accommodation is clean, comfortable and a relaxing place for your beloved cat to stay. You can be assured that your cat will make him or herself right at home while you are away.

Room Features:
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Each cat has a large walk-in room in an air-conditioned block building. Cats can move freely between indoors and outdoors, choosing the warmth and view outdoors or the music and cool of the indoors.
  • Private: We have singe and double rooms available. Your cats will have their own room and will not be mixed with other cats.
Standard Diet:

Your cat will have a constant supply of a mix of premium varieties of dry food to nibble on throughout the day and night. Once a day we provide a serve of wet food.

Fussy Cats:

If your cat has specialised dietary requirements, you are welcome to supply these, and we will serve it according to your cat’s requirements. The health and comfort of your cat is our priority.


If your cat has special needs, we are happy to assist. Please ensure that we are fully informed.

Vet Requirements:

All cats must have a minimum current F3 vaccination record on entry. Please be sure to bring along or email a copy of your certificate for confirmation that they have had this vaccination.