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Helga’s Pet Resort Daily Rates

How does our pricing work?

Multiple days: include the day of drop off, but not the day of pick up if your pet is collected before 10am. Except Sundays and Public Holidays when we are closed in the morning.

Day boarding rates up to 24 hours:  If you need short term care for your pet for day care or overnight, we can do that for you. Fitting in with your needs, we have several options.

  • AM drop off, PM pick up on the same day
  • AM drop off, AM pick up on the following day
  • PM drop off, PM pick up on the following day
  • A common question people have is why is daycare the same price as boarding for multiple days? Day boarding includes your tour, check in, set up of kennel, retrieving your pet at the end of the day and cleaning and disinfection of kennel on departure. There are no extra check in charges at Helga’s for only one day. Food can be provided if desired.

Multiple days: include the day of drop off, but not the day of pick up if your pet is collected before 10am.Out of hours fee: open closed

Out of hours pick up or drop is disruptive. Please try to organize your drop off and pick up during open hours to minimize noise.

Gates may be closed or locked between open times. Please pre-book for out of hours assistance.

  • Pre-booked Out of hours’ between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm ……$25
  • Unannounced (provided we are available)…….$40

Taxi service


  • pick up your pet or drop off in the Darwin area….. $66
  • airport pick up, drop off, lodgement, meet and greet …… $125

Medications, Special Diets, Veterinary Care:

  • We will administer medication for you at no extra charge.
  • We will serve your food from home. There is no extra charge. (please  measure into appropriate serving portions – clearly labelled)
  • There are several Vet clinics nearby that offer 24 hour care. If you pet needs Vet care we will do our best to notify you. The Vet will also try to call you to inform you of your pet’s condition and treatment options. Vet treatment costs are your responsibility to organize with the Vet.
  • Helga’s Transport Cost to and from the Vet (emergency care – no charge)
  • Transport cost for discretionary Vet treatment …… $40

Cats (air conditioned walk in rooms with an outdoor annex)


  • each…………………. $25

Small Dogs: (indoor air conditioned boarding with monitored indoor/outdoor social playtime)


  • 1st dog ………………….$33
  • Additional dogs sharing ……….. $29

Courtyard Kennel: (roofed and A/C) These kennels provide an ideal boarding environment for any dog. They are engineered and constructed with Thermal, Cyclone, and Acoustics in mind for health and safety of your dog. Each roofed run includes a day bed and shell pool and is suitable for one or two large dogs. A family kennel is available if you have three large dogs. Our kennels have night lights and music to help calm and settle dogs at night.


We Love our room 

  • 1st Dog…………………… $38
  • 2nd Dog Share…………$32
  • 3rd Dog Share………… $26


Rabbits, (BYO food) Air conditioned


Indoor/Outdoor Room

  • per room………………$25

BYO Hutch

  • own hutch……………$15
Rabbit Hutch

Hire Hutch bench top or floor

  • with hutch hire… .$18

Birds, Small furry pets, Reptiles (BYO food)

img_2053.jpg img_2024.jpg 10390980_1042910212392570_6419273186005286975_n.jpg

  • Per Cage or Reptile Tank ……. $15

Boarding Concessions on request (only one discount will be applied per stay):

The following concessions are not valid between Dec 15 and Jan 15.

  • Seniors Card……….. 10%
  • Defence force………. 10%
  • Discount vouchers for Woofstock, The Darwin Pet Expo and the RSPCA Million Paws Walk are good till next year’s event.
  • Only one discount per visit will apply